Answer to the Massapequa Mind Boggler

Again, Massapequa has gotten the best of us!

Once again, Massapequa residents have resisted our attempts to hoodwink them and correctly guessed the answer to our Mind Boggler. You guys and gals are certainly on a roll lately!

Last week's Mind Boggler was one of the more iconic sights of the area: the newly re-designed and painted Chiefs mural at Massapequa high school. It seems that the close-up picture of the Chief's knuckle we provided last week was all you people needed.

There were several winners, but congrats to "John Doe" (um...okay!), who gave the first correct answer.

Please check back next week as we once again attempt to boggle your noggins. Until then, have a great weekend, folks.

Donna Myers August 22, 2011 at 02:47 AM
way to go John Doe!


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