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Come On, Do a Good Deed and Flock Someone

West Sayville resident's unique fundraiser benefits Sayville Relay for Life.

Flocking someone doesn't sound like a particularly good thing to do, but it actually is a very beneficial activity.

That's because 'flocking' is all about surprising someone with a yard full of cute plastic pink flamingos in the name of charity.

For a donation of $25 'flockers' can anonymously deliver a herd of flamingos to the front yard of a neighbor, relative or a random stranger.

The 'flocked' recipient is given a note alerting them that they've been flocked and that the flock will remain for 48 hours before migrating to another location. Those 'flocked' are asked to either 'flock' someone in response or make a donation to support the flock migration effort.

The flocking fundraiser is the brainchild of Blake Passaro, of West Sayville, who said the proceeds will be donated to the Sayville Relay for Life event. The nine-year-old got the idea after his own family was 'flocked' a few years back, explained his mother, Melissa Bartell.

Here's the gist from the note left on a flock:

A friend has paid to have this Flock of Pink Flamingoes gather on your lawn to roost. In case you did not know this, Plastic Pink Flamingoes are very territorial. They will stay on your lawn until they are sent to a new victims house. They can only be removed by a highly trained professional like myself. 

Please help this Fundraising Flock move along by making a donation.  Please check the option below and I will send out a team of removal experts.

( ) I appreciate the flocking but I am unable to donate funds at this time.

( ) I would like to make a donation of $____ towards the removal of the flock.

( ) I would like to move this flock to a friend/victim for a set fee of $25.00.

Please call 563-5039 if you have any questions.

"We were flocked a few years back. It was for a dance school fundraiser. When we were thinking about our fundraiser for this year Blake remembered how fun it was to wake up and see all the flamingoes on our lawn," said Bartell.

"We ordered the flock and started about two weeks ago. So far everyone has really enjoyed it and has been very generous," she said, adding Blake will continue to migrate the flock right up until the Sayville Relay event in mid June.

The flocking fundraiser is just the latest community service endeavor by Passaro, who was named West Sayville Fire Department's Junior Firefighter of the Year this past January.

Last September the Sayville student was cited by Islip Town officials for his extensive charity efforts which include collecting books and toys for children at Stony Brook Hospital twice a year, volunteering to mentor autistic children during his school day recess period and serving as a junior firefighter. Last year he raised $1,100 for Sayville Relay for Life by raffling off a Kohl’s Care contest gift card award he had won as well as Model’s points he had collected.

Tony Chliek February 24, 2013 at 01:40 AM
How do I contact him?
Judy Mottl February 24, 2013 at 02:51 AM
To 'flock' someone just call 563-5039 :)
Tony Chliek February 24, 2013 at 09:57 PM
I will call tomorrow after my fiance goes to work. She love flamingos and we even have a couple by the pool. So I'm going to flock our house and surprise her.


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