Stories to Follow in 2014

Patch Year in Review: A look at 2013 stories that will carry over into the new year.

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Not every story ends in a single news cycle. There are several stories that were significant in 2013 that are expected to stay on the radar in 2014.

Some news items  may continue over many years, others may have a shorter term, but they're all certainly worth watching as we enter the new year.

Here's a list of stories to watch in 2014:

  • Common Core and Testing: Massapequa passed a resolution asking the state to re-consider its reliance on testing. They were one of many districts  around Long Island and New York state to do so.  It's a growing movement but change must be made at the state level. The reaction in Albany  will be something to watch in the coming months.
  • Nassau Police: The sudden ouster of Commissioner Thomas Dale leaves the Nassau County police Department in a state of flux as we enter 2014.
  • Peter King: The Republican House member from Seaford has been hinting at a possible presidential run and making trips to the important primary state of New Hampshire.  Will we still be talking about this in 2016? Or will it all be over before we ring in 2015?
  • School Budgets: It's become an annual drama for local school districts. They once again have to produce a budget that has to comply with New York state's tax cap, while operating under a tight squeeze. The tension between providing services and providing tax relief will likely dominate budget season again.
  • Sandy: More than a year after the Superstorm hit the area, we're still feeling the effects. There are still empty homes. New York State is still in the process of putting together a community reconstruction plan. We'll also be holding our breath during hurricane season again.


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