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This Week in Blogs: Baby Shower Madness, Adoptable Pets, Bullying

The top blog posts from the local area this week.

Every day on Patch, locals share their opinions on a variety of subjects. 

Here are some of the most interesting blogs from the past week:
  • Death and A Baby Shower: At the beginning of the week, I had plans to go to Florida for my friend Robby’s baby shower. I assumed I was relating to the song because the first line talks about birth. It seemed obvious. But then it got a little bit weird. Click here for more.
  • I Refuse to Become Jack Benny: I remember not understanding the joke. Why would anyone remain the same age forever? What was funny about that?
  • Doggies and Kittens Available for Adoption: Looking for something exciting to do this weekend?  Why not take a trip to one of Long Island's local shelters and adopt a special dog or cat who would love to become a part of your family!
  • Denenberg Brings Mammograms to North Merrick: Nassau County Leg. Dave Denenberg, D-Merick, is proud to bring the mammography van to his legislative district this month.
  • The Ring: It's time to polish my ring again.  It's a simple task; just a circle of braided silver bands secured with gold x"s symbolizing love.
  • Love Your Parental Units: I am sorry my children had to experience their parents’ divorce. it is confusing, separating your parents from what they do. My father and mother were in love. They were political, they held convictions of honor and equality, I was proud of my parents and their ideals.
  • The Little Things We've Lost: "A monumental act of vandalism" was how the demolition of the old Pennsylvania Station was described by The New York Times.
  • Why Buying A Home is A Good Idea: Making energy-efficient improvements to a home such as adding insulation or upgrading an air conditioning unit can greatly reduce the monthly utility bills.
  • Children Don't Tell: In my experience, children refrain from admitting someone is bullying them. They'd prefer to let the predicament fester than admit to the problem. For years, the reason baffled me. 


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