Top Photos of 2013

Images from memorable moments of the year.

Tanke Explosion Photo: Michael Ganci
Tanke Explosion Photo: Michael Ganci
A picture is worth more than just a thousand words.  It will leave an image in your mind that create's memories. There were more than a few memories in 2013 and we've selected some of the best photos from what we saw.

Here are the best photos of 2013:

  • A tanker explosion closed Sunrise Highway in December leaving a spectacular fireball. Fortunately, nobody was seriously hurt.
  • Old Grace Church look peaceful in the snow.
  • Massapequa residents showed pride, respect and patriotism as the lined the streets oustside the funeral of Navy SEAL Jonathan Kaloust.
  • Among those we lost in 2013 was beloved Massapequa Chiefs Booster Jim "Coach K" Kovacsik.
  • It looked like a fiery plane crash, but it was really a disaster drill  that numerous agencies from around the area took part in.


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