Where are Massapequa's Worst Potholes?

Tell us what needs to be fixed?

Last week, we saw bitter cold. Then it warmed up. This week is starting out a bit warm for January and the temperatures are expected to drop later in the week.

Anyone who's lived in the metropolitan area in the winter knows that the roller coaster weather is a good recipe for potholes.

We want to know what you're seeing out there. WHere are you seeing cracks in the road?

Please lets us know where they are in the comment section below. We'll pass the information on to the respective authorities and try to get them filled quickly.
JPS January 13, 2014 at 06:12 PM
I live on Block Blvd and have called a few times over the years regarding this stretch of road. They have patched the road but this continues to be an ongoing problem. More recently a number of sizable pot holes have appeared and not only are they growing in size, there are bits asphalt all over the street from the crumbling road. Please ask that they send someone asap to fix the road between Judy Terrace and Frances Lane. Thanks!


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