Around the Blogs May 31-June 5

See what some of our top bloggers had to say in the last week.

Long Island has no shortage of people qualified and willing to offer their expertise, knowledge or opinions on matters important to them and others. Patch has brought together several of these experts to blog about their interests every week.

The experts range from ghost hunters to financial experts. All have something to say that we'd bet you'll want to know about. If you haven't had a chance to read them all, we've collected some of the best from the last week.

Esthetician Sara Greenblatt fancies the 1950s throwback look of red, red lipstick showing up these days on actresses and models, and offers tips on how to achieve a sexier look through smarter use of cosmetics.

You may or may not believe in the paranormal, but Kerriann Flanagan Brosky will inform and entertain as she takes you on a tour of Long Island homes and history in search of the other world.

Physical therapist Chris Ostling offers witty insights about why backs vary from person to person and how treatment has to be individualized for patients.

Lauren B. Lev examines the influence and role of advertising on music we hear on a regular basis.

One Jewish Parent Makes a Child Jewish

Rabbi Elliot Skiddell argues for acceptance of patrilineal descent in welcoming as Jews the many children born to one Jewish parent.


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