Marjorie R. Post Community Park - Photo Tour

For sports, walking or quiet reflection, this park has it all.

Marjorie R. Post Community Park is a multi-use park located at the intersection of Unqua and Merrick Roads with the entrance on Unqua Road. It is one of the larger parks in the area at over 40 acres in size. In the morning or in the early evening you can always find park visitors enjoying all it has to offer.

During summer the busiest part of the park is without a doubt - the pool. It's not just one pool. There are three for town residents to enjoy. There is the traditional large swimming pool, a diving pool and of course, a kiddie pool. Fees vary depending on numerous factors. There is  a senior rate and even a nanny rate.  Swim lessons are also available and there is a swim team for children between 6 and 17 years of age. A guest book of ten  passes is also available for purchase.  A snack bar is also located at the pool facility.

Marjorie R. Post Community Park also maintains not one but two skating rinks.  One is for in-line or roller skating and the other is for ice skating during the winter months. Both of these rinks are outdoors, so dress accordingly.  

In order  to use these skating rinks, the town requires that all  proper safety equipment be worn. This includes helmets, pads, gloves and mouth-guards.  Admission rates are very reasonable and public skating times are scheduled.  Groups have the ability to rent the ice for usage when public skating is not scheduled.   

Younger kids are definitely not left out. There are numerous playgrounds scattered throughout the park. Most of these playgrounds look like they have been updated in recent years so they are in excellent condition. The Town Of Oyster Bay also runs a popular preschool program located at Marjorie R. Post Park.

There's also a variety of sports to choose from. The park has many basketball courts and tennis courts, two bocce courts and a few sand volleyball courts. Even "quiet" sports like checkers and chess are represented at the park with stone seats and tables - all that needs to be brought is the pieces. 

Nearby many of these facilities are picnic pavilions with huge grills and tables.  They are frequently crowded with family picnics and group get-togethers - so get there early.

Those looking for a quieter area of the park have a place to venture. There is a scenic walkway right along the park lake. Benches are available that look out over the lake so sit, enjoy and read. 

The park also has a memorial garden dedicated to relatives, grandparents, neighbors, community volunteers, friends and people who passed on 9/11.  

Memorial markers  are placed near trees and near small gardens. It is a place to reflect on life and people who've made an impact.

Marjorie R. Post Community Park is a outstanding place to spend a day or even part of a day with friends or even alone. The park is large enough that, even on a busy day, your own piece of the park can be discovered and enjoyed.



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