No. 68: Download An E-Book From The Library

Experience the fun of reading free books on your electronic device.

Well, you've finally plunked down the dough on that fancy new E-Book reader, be it an Amazon Kindle, Barnes and Noble Nook, or any of the other such devices available on the market, including tablet PCs and iPads.

But now you have to start buying books for the thing, and most E-Book enabled devices allow you to wirelessly browse online book stores and buy and download various virtual tomes for your enjoyment. Many services even offer a selection of free books, mostly comprised of classic works.

But the one place you might not have though of to get free E-Books is the Massapequa Public Library website. Yes, not only can you stroll in to their Central Avenue and Bar Harbour locations and take out a real honest-to-goodness paper book to read, but you also download free books from their website to your E-Book reader.

It's as simple as logging on to the Massapequa Library website, clicking on the download image on the main page, and following the simple instructions. The next thing you know, the data will be a-flowin' and you'll be reading E-Books in no time! It's just one of the many great services offered by your local public library.

Check back next week to see what No. 67 is.


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