Photos: Tackapausha Preserve

The lovely nature sanctuary is enjoyed by area residents.

You may be asking yourself...isn't this the Massapequa Patch? Then why is this week's Viewfinder focusing on , a beautiful 84-acre nature sanctuary located in Seaford?

Well, it turns out that the preserve was named after Chief Tackapausha of the Massapequa Band of Algonkian-speaking Native peoples, according to the South Shore Estuary Reserve Council. We here at Patch think that's reason enough to feature Tackapausha Preserve as our photo gallery of the week. It also helps that the preserve is right on the Massapequa/Seaford border.

While the Tackapausha Museum has been closed since August of 2010 for renovations, the preserve itself is still open daily for nature lovers to enjoy. So with the weather so lovely as of late, why not take advantage and go for a stroll?

But, until you do, you can take a gander at these pictures that show off the natural wonder of the Tackapausha Preserve.

Michael Sumski September 14, 2011 at 11:23 PM
Just another little jewel in Massapequa.Trimmed alot of trees around the neighborhood back in the 70s.Would love to see how them trees I did are doing.Saved alot of them by talking the owners to thin them out instead of cutting them down.Would be nice to take a trip up there to see them like old friends they are. Michael Sumski
Mary Bellissimo-Degregorio October 15, 2011 at 10:34 AM
Thanks for your post. I am the moderator of a facebook page called "Growing up in Seaford" which has 1642 members. Some of us are planning a meeting to see what we can do to "Save Tacka" . We are all very passionate about this. Moments ago I started a group page on facebook called "Save Tacka" and we will do all that we can to try to keep it with us forever. Please if you have any ideas or can help us let us know and join our site. The more ideas the better. The more people the better. Together we can move mountains. I just heard a mentalist will be appearing at Tacka. Lets see if we can get a huge crowd there to show our support and show Mr. Mangano that through programs like these we can help. Maybe you can put it in the patch. I will find out the details. Love, Mary Bellissimo DeGregorio.


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