An Uneven Show

Japanese restaurant has great look and service, but food can be on bland side.

Even though the holiday calls out for holiday fare, I had a hankering for Japanese food  during the July 4th weekend.

So I went to Tai Show Sushi at 4320 Merrick Road in Massapequa, which is next door to Tai Show Hibachi. 

The restaurant is small.  There is a large fish tank in the center of the dining area and I was seated  next to a wall covered with many pictures of customers, which I found to be a nice touch. 

Since I was eating alone, I was seated at a small table by the window. I was given a plastic-wrapped  moist paper towel which had been heated so I could wipe my hands.  I was given a packaged set of chopsticks and my waitress also gave me a fork I requested.

A bowl of pickled cucumbers with sesame seeds and shredded carrot was placed on the table. The cucumber slices were nice and zesty and very enjoyable. 

With each entrée, you get a soup, a salad and rice. I ordered the chicken teriyaki entree. You have a choice of miso soup (soy bean), sumashi soup (clear mushroom), chicken soup or hamaguri soup (clam). I chose the chicken soup. I was brought a bowl of clear watery broth which didn’t have much taste, and only had a few vegetables – a piece of carrot, broccoli, mini corn and mushroom, as well as a few small pieces of chicken and scallion. However, the salad of iceberg lettuce with a slice of tomato and a slice of cucumber in a flavorful ginger dressing was very tasty. 

My chicken teriyaki entree arrived hot on a metal and wooden dish with a bowl of brown rice on the side. I was disappointed that the dish wasn’t sizzling when the meal was brought to my table. I have had this dish come out smoking at other restaurants, so I started making comparisons. There were chunks of chicken breast pieces of various sizes as opposed to evenly sliced chicken pieces that I have had elsewhere.  Although it was not what I had expected, the chicken was soft and tender. The teriyaki sauce was thick on the left side of the dish so I was able to mix my brown rice in it, but on the right side of the dish it seemed that the bean sprouts had caused the sauce to become watery.  

The service was excellent. My waitress was very attentive. She poured water into my glass when it needed to be refilled. It was a hot day and the cold icy water was perfect with the meal. 

The nicest features at this restaurant are the seven Tatami rooms. These are small private rooms with sliding doors that close to give diners privacy. This gave the restaurant a nice authentic Japanese feel. Customers remove their shoes and leave them on the floor outside these rooms and then go inside to eat. I was told by the waitress that five of the smaller rooms can accommodate up to four people, and the two larger rooms seat up to six people. 

If you are having sushi, you can sit at the sushi bar which seats up to eleven people. There were two sushi chefs preparing food at the sushi bar while I was having dinner. This restaurant is known for their sushi, which I didn’t order on this visit but numerous people ordered sushi dishes while I was there.

The restaurant is open seven days a week, and there is a lunch special that runs Monday through Friday. The restaurant also has a private party room which can accommodate up to 25 guests. They accept all major credit cards.



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