Local Hofstra Students Take Part in History

Three Massapequa area students to take part in presidential debates.

It's not everyday you can take part in an event involving a sitting president and a possible future president, but three Hofstra students from Massapequa are going to have that chance.

Nicole Saraniero, Cristina LoCurto and Taylor Cary have volunteered to help keep things running smoothly inside and outside of the David S. Mack Sports and Exhibition Complex for Tuesday's presidential debate between President Obama and Republican nominee Mitt Romney.

Saraniero, a senior, has been assigned to assist the army of TV reporters who will on campus for the events, helping to make sure that their remotes come off with out a hitch.

She began her duties Monday, assisting a reporter from WPIX, Channel 11, and hopes that the she will one day have a career in film or television.

But Saraniero has also taken the time to enjoy the atmosphere surrounding the event.

"It's really exciting walking through campus, to see them getting ready," she said. "Today I saw them set up a studio for MSNBC and they  brought in shrubberies shaped like a donkey for the Democrats and a Republican Republican elephant.

LoCurto, a junior political science major, is taking part an on-campus program that's designed to give students the chance to speak out on the campaign issues they feel passionate about.

The school is setting up a podium with a microphone and various student organizations are going to be given five minutes to speak on their particular issue.

"The Democrat and Republican clubs signed up and I know some of sororities are involved with charitable organizations signed up as well.

LoCurto, who is hoping to attend law school, said "it's kind of surreal being on campus."

"Whatever your political viewpoint, this is the president of the United States coming."

Cary, a sophomore, also has ambitions for a career in law.

She won't be on campus because she will be distributing tickets at the Nassau Coliseum Tuesday.

"It's very exciting being on campus, " she said. "It's busy, it's fun seeing the media around.

The three volunteers from Massapequa won't be inside the arena for the debate, but they said they hope to watch it on campus.

PedgeRocks October 16, 2012 at 11:00 PM
WAY TO GO, Taylor! PHS CLASS of 2011! You are going to have a BLAST! What an experience!! Enjoy every second!


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