Massapequa Sports Notebook: Two State Championships

Massapequa High School long jumper and hockey team best in the state.

Tony DeMayo has been coaching Ice Hockey in Massapequa for over 30 years and understands what it takes to make up a successful team.  But DeMayo was pleasantly surprised when the Massapequa Chiefs Varsity squad captured its first New York State championship defeating upstate powerhouse Lancaster, 3-1, early this month.

The Chiefs, who qualified for the state finals for the third straight season, also finished third place during the regular season and won the Town of Oyster championship.

For DeMayo, winning the state crown was the ultimate reward because his team spent the entire year executing the basics and sticking to the fundamental of the game.

“This was very big for us,” DeMayo said. “I didn’t have any stars on the team, just a group of kids who come to play real hard every game.”

DeMayo is confident about the chances of a repeat because many of his squad will be back next season. “We had 11 seniors on the team this year but we have 14 returning players next year for a very good core," he said.

The Chiefs featured the league's only female goal tender, junior Dana DeMartino, who completed 26 saves in the championship game.

Joe Caraciolo added another state championship to the trophy cases at Massapequa High School after the New York State Public High School Long Jump title.

The senior, who also won the  Nassau County Track & Field Athlete of the Year award, jumped 22-feet 6-inches in the state track meet. That jump also broke his own Massapequa High School record  by four inches.

Caraciolo set seven individual school records for the Chiefs this season. In addition to the long jump, he also holds the school record in the 200 meters, the 300; 400; and 600, as well as the triple jump. He is a co-holder of the Chiefs' record in the 55-meter dash. 

Coach Rich Degman is especially proud of Caraciolo’s accomplishments because last season he had a broken foot and did not get the opportunity to participate in the final track meet.

“I bust Joey’s chops all the time and tell him that it’s nice that you won state, but you still owe us two county championships,” Degman said.

“But he spent this whole year doing everything right. From training and preparing and to be awarded with the season’s sportsmanship award is pretty cool.”

In addition to honoring Caraciolo for sportsmanship, Nassau County also honored Degman, and girls track and field coach Mike Lisa with the Coach of the Year award.

Concerned Long Islander March 18, 2012 at 02:45 PM
I thnk it's wonderful that Massapequa takes so many championships. However, I'm concerned that not enough emphasis is placed on academics these days. I grew up in Massapequa & attended MHS. In the 60s, Massapequa was acclaimed for it's academic standing, while still having a strong sports program. Today, nearly every parent really believes THEIR kid is the one who's going to go pro or get a scholarship. It "ain't happenin." We need to catch up to the rest of the world... not fall behind. Where're the programs for young kids interested in the sciences/the arts/ acadamia? We'll spend millions on new "fields of dreams," but not much (if anything) on academics.... something is wrong?
Massapequa Hockey March 18, 2012 at 04:13 PM
Every team in MHS has achieved NYS Scholar Athlete Awards. Academics is a major emphasis on every MHS team.
Massa March 18, 2012 at 04:49 PM
Great job Chiefs, I went to Massapequa High school and played sports for the school. I do agree that their are to many parents who think their kid is going to be the next star. I blame the parents who put to much pressure on the kids and get them hitting coaches and personal trainers. Massapequa has only had 3 brothers who went to the NFL and some minor leaguers in Baseball. Andy Shibilo was called up to the San Diego Padres for one game and didn't pitch in the game. Let the kids have fun and enjoy playing the sports the love.Stop with the personal trainers and putting pressure on your kid, and to some parents, stop living through your kids. I see it all the time from parents and coaches snd it is a disgrace.As for the MHS hockey team, awesome job, Massapequa is proud of you.Bring state champs in 2012 is something that know one can ever take from you.
Mitch March 27, 2012 at 01:34 PM
Not as impressive as it sounds. Massapequa's hockey team is not on the same playing field as other area high schools with hockey clubs. Other high school clubs pay their own way to play with NO funding from the school district. How this district manages to pay for ice time and coaches salaries are mind boggling to me. Other high schools rarely hold team practices unlike Massapequa. Congratulations on this achievement....but I gotta be honest with you....Nobody is impressed !
Massa May 12, 2012 at 01:46 PM
Mitch, Massapequa was a club team for many years and they had to pay there way just like all the other teams did. You don't have to be impressed, no one cares. State Champs means they had to play other teams from all over the State of NY and beat them,not just Long Island teams. This is their first State Championship ever. Don't be pissed because because they earned it,that isn't right. Go Chiefs.


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