Police Issue Warning About Vehicle Related Thefts

With thefts on the rise, Nassau County's Seventh Precinct sends out tips on keeping vehicles secure.


An increase in vehicle related thefts has prompted police in Nassau County's to issue a warning to the public reminding them to secure their vehicles.

There have been at least 33 thefts in the precinct  since April, according to police.

The thefts have been all around the precincts and there have also been thefts in neighboring areas such as South Farmingdale  and Levittown.

One recent hot spot has been in in Massapequa, police said.

But the the thefts are preventable, and police have issued several reminders to the public.

  • When leaving your car unattended, close your windows and lock the doors. Half of all stolen cars are left unlocked.
  • Remove the keys from the ignition; one fifth of all car thefts are caused by leaving the car unattended while the engine is running.
  • Park the car in a well-lit, busy parking lot or a lot with an attendant.
  • Park your car in your garage or lighted driveway.
  •  Do not leave your insurance cards, registration or title in the glove box. Carry copies of your automobile’s paperwork with you; leave the originals in a safe place. This hinders criminals from impersonating you when they are stopped by the police.
  • Never leave valuables such as backpacks, purses, iPods, GPS systems in plain view. If you must leave items in the auto you should lock them out of view in the trunk. 
  • Criminals are watching you when youdrive into parks, running tracks, gyms etc.  They see you arrive at your destination and watch you put thevaluables under the seat or in the trunk of the car. As soon as you leave they will break into the car and steal the valuables. To deter criminals from breaking into your car while you are away, put the items into the trunk before you arrive at your destination or carry them with you.
  •  When the vehicle is unattended don’t leave your GPS unit in plain view on the windshield.  Take down the GPS holder and try to wipe the suction cup residue off the windshield.
  • Thieves can steal all four tires off your car in a less than a minute. They usually steal the tires in the early morning hours when you are sleeping. Install a locking lug nut on each rim. Don’t keep the key to your lug nut lock easily accessible in your glove box. Tuck it away in your trunk.

Last week, there were at least 10 vehicle thefts in the Seventh Precinct.

Helen May 23, 2012 at 12:40 AM
All of these are obvious - except for the last one - and it's the easiest thing to do - spend the $40.00 on the "wheel lock key" kit when you purchase/lease your new vehicle and you are done - it's the final step for us when we get a new car - for existing cars - take 10 minutes of your time this weekend and do it. So many people I know woke up the four square tires (aka cinderblocks) - and spent thousands on new tires/rims - hey we told them to spend the $40.00........
Franken Harpo May 23, 2012 at 01:14 PM
Great advice. Thanks!
John Dugan May 23, 2012 at 01:33 PM
All of this is very interesting and to a degree , disturbing. Things all over Long Island are changing . Quality of life issues , we would have never considered possible out here are becoming commonplace. Change is inevitable !!. We as a community cannot stop it , but we can influence and shape it. Intelligent development of our land and resources, FARMINGDALE land and resources is vital. To those who oppose any change out of fear of becoming too urbanized , take heed. The problems you think are urban are really societal changes and are independent of development . If we do not continue to raise the bar on quality of life in Farmingdale through new additions of quality affordable housing and services ,in an aesthetically pleasing way, we will be on a downward spiral of un opposed negative changes with none of the positive ones. Grow and change , or decay , those are our choices. There is no safe steady state and we cannot let nostalgia or naïveté prevent us from having an ever changing and vibrant community. The "weeds" will come anyway. We must tend to the fruits of the garden.


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