Rock Underground comes to Massapequa

Organic music school expands to the South Shore.

There is a certain vibe that you feel when walking through
the doors of Rock Underground.

From the artwork of famous rock musicians that line the walls, to the room filled with vintage guitars, you can tell this is a place where music legends are born.

And when the first location was created two years ago, Paul Casanova envisioned this school would have the reputation of being in a league all its own.

“We went into this with the desire to teach music through songs and not the other way around,” said Casanova, who is the music director and one of the founders of Rock Underground.

This organic-style musical school was created two years ago by Casanova and his business partners Steve
Eplan and Bill Handy. Next week, Rock Underground will open its third location at 5372 Merrick Road in Massapequa.

“The idea is that when the student walks away [from this school], they walk away with the language of music and not the language of
song," Casanova said. "It’s important that they walk away with the fundamentals of music.”

The Rock Underground features a program or everyone at every age and stage of musical ability. The curriculum includes traditional music lessons, private music lessons, group music lessons and even the opportunity for students to eventually form a band and perform at local venues.

Students, who range from toddlers to teens, are taught by a fully accredited staff of teachers who have formal degree in music.

The older students in high school are given valuable skills that prepare them for an advanced education in music if they choose to pursue it in college. “We want to give students context. We want them to take what they learn here and apply it to the type of music they are passionate about.”

Casanova said he is excited that Rock Underground is finally
coming to Massapequa because there is so much opportunity for students to learn and grow in the world of music.

The success of the other two locations on Long Island led to the decision to open another school on the South Shore. “Opening this school here, in Massapequa, creates a bit of a triangle with the other locations in Bellmore and Commack,” he said. “There are an awful lot of students out there who are looking for this type of program. And we still plan to expand even more in the future.”

For more information check out www.rockundergroundmusic.com.


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