Year in Review: 10 Top Fire and Crash Stories of 2011

A year-end look at Massapequa's top stories.

It's the type of story we wish we wouldn't have to write, but fires and crashes are a fact of life.

Massapequa has had their share of both. But as usual, our fire and police officials responded to these incidents in a strong professional manner.

Here's a look back:

Massapequa Fire Department Battles the Elements

It may have been the fire that tested the the most in 2011. A January blaze in freezing temperatures that froze hydrants. Firefighters were able to find a working hydrant and put out the blaze before it spread to two nearby houses. Nobody was injured.

Friendly's Fire

A busy lunch hour at the  on Sunrise Highway was suddenly interrupted in July when smoke came through the vents. The blaze was put out quickly and the store reopened within days.

Accident on Carmans Road

It was a shocking beginning to a beautiful Sunday morning in May. A terrible crash on Carmans Road left an elderly man dead after his car knocked over two fences.

Good Samaritan on Southern State Parkway

It's not just firefighters who are heroes. Sometimes it's civilians too. Such was the case in April when Pablo Lopez, helped put out a burning car on the Southern State Parkway with a fire extinguisher he had in his car.

North Massapequa Fire Department's First Female Fire Captain

Deborah Nocerino made history in May when she became the first female fire captain in the 77 year history of the North Massapequa Fire Department.

Backyard inferno

It was a fire involving a shed and nobody was hurt, but the flames were spectacular. Several people called 911 when they saw a fully involved fire.

Unqua Road Fire 

It looked worse than it actually was. A fire in June charred the rear of a home on Unqua road damaging a significant portion of the home's exterior. But while it did touch some rooms, the structure remained sound.

Boat Fire

Witnesses said it was started by a transformer fire around the corner just a few days after Hurricane Irene hit in August. A boat on Hemlock Lane caught fire and was gutted.

CVS Arson

It was likely the most bizarre fire of 2011. A man walked into the  at 20 Broadway and set a fire in the greeting card aisle in September.  In November police released videos of a suspect.

Woman Injured in Massapequa Park Fire

A fire in a home packed with personal property ignited early this month, leaving a woman injured. Despite the difficult conditions, it was put under control in 45 minutes.


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