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Help Pay Expenses for a Child Suffering From Perthes Disease

Help area residents in need through GoFundMe.

Sal Pugliese, Jr.  Photo: GoFunde
Sal Pugliese, Jr. Photo: GoFunde
A Massapequa man is asking for funds to help his young cousin who is afflicted with Perthes disease.

Tony Jeraci started the fund to help pay medical expenses for 9-year-old Sal Pugliese, Jr. He hopes to raise$75,000. As of Thursday morning, they've raised $10,037.

The page reads:

This fund is to help pay medical expenses for my cousin; a sweet, creative, and sharp 9-year-old sports fan suffering from a debilitating disease. Salvatore Jr. was diagnosed with Perthes Disease on August 2nd 2013. A rare disease that has left him wheelchair bound because of unexplained blood loss to his hip, specifically the ball portion of the femur bone, which has deteriorated within his hip socket. There is no known cause for Perthes Disease, as it can affect any child between the ages of 4 and 10 (5x more likely in boys than in girls). Like many other cases, Sal’s case was misdiagnosed for over a month before worsening symptoms confirmed his diagnosis. In less than 2 months, the disease had progressed so quickly that it not only took away his ability to play sports and attend school, but to walk. 

Sal’s parents; (Sal Sr. and Lisa), were determined to find him the best care despite the limitations of their health insurance. After countless research and medical opinions, on November 5th Sal Jr. underwent surgery at Sinai Hospital in Baltimore MD, with Dr. Shawn Standard, an orthopedic surgeon who specializes in an advanced surgical procedure (hip distraction) for Perthes. Unfortunately, finding the best doctor meant Sal and Lisa are now faced with all medical expenses, including a $75,000-dollar surgical bill and thousands more in ongoing hospitalization, physical therapy, and residence fees while in Baltimore, MD. If you’re already familiar with Sal and Lisa, you know they are always the first to help, and the last to ever complain or ask for assistance. 

Sal Jr is currently undergoing the 1st phase of his recovery with hopes to run and play outdoors again within the next 1-2 yrs. Please help support these two loving parents and their extraordinary child.

Thank you very much for any donation, contribution, and prayers :)

For more on how you can help, you can click here.


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