Help Rebuild Caddy's Knees

A Massapequa dog named Caddy is looking for the community's help in funding an operation to fix tears in his rear legs.

Caddy's owner Justin Simms started the campaign to raise $8,000. Thus far, there's been 22 donations totaling $955.

The page reads:

"Hey Everyone! 

My Name is Caddy! I'm 3, but I act like I'm a puppy. Daddy rescued me from a Cadillac on a scorching summer day in August 3 years ago, that's how I got my name.

Although I want to be able to play professional soccer, I can't because I have two torn cruciate ligaments in my rear legs. Think of it as two torn ACL's. My injury hasn't really hurt my spirits yet, and I still try to chase squirrels, but I just can't jump like I used to. There's also an issue with stairs...

Anyway, I'm trying to raise money to get the TPLO surgery to fix it, but it's super expensive. Maybe you can help?"

For more on how you can help, click here.


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