A Christmas Miracle: Massapequa Family Returns to Sandy-Damaged Home

The Henry family will wake up at home on Christmas morning. Credit: Michael Ganci.
The Henry family will wake up at home on Christmas morning. Credit: Michael Ganci.

Hurricane Sandy destroyed the Henry family's house in Massapequa, but random acts of kindness have brought them home in time for Christmas.

On Friday, the Henry family received a $10,000 donation from KPMG to help with rebuilding expenses. The family has also received a donation of $25,000 from an anonymous man from North Dakota and $5,000 from New York Says Thank You.

"So many people have helped us so much," Beth Henry, a school teacher, said. "We're going to be home sleeping here on Christmas Eve, and that was important for us and for the girls to be here."

"I can't even put my feelings into words," Anthony Henry, a firefighter who helped battle flames at Breezy Point during Sandy, said. 

Insurance was only offering $51,000 to rebuild, and construction estimates were $122,000, so New York Says Thank You, a volunteer group, saw their story on PIX 11 and decided to help.

"They actually rounded up firefighters from different parts of the county and Canada that came in September to do sheetrock and electrical work, probably worth about $25,000," Mary Murphy of PIX 11 said. "At that time, New York Says Thank You presented a check of $5,000."

Just as meaningful to the family has been the random acts of kindness from members of the community. Just last week, Beth Henry found a necklace in her mailbox that says "hope". At the six month anniversary, another good samaritan left her a bracelet with an angel on it.

"It's what has kept us going...having hope," she said. "Knowing people care...it's just incredible," she said.

For more on the Henry family's story, watch the video above.
Laurie Rainer December 20, 2013 at 09:16 PM
For all of those people not as lucky and still waiting for money from ny rising.. There is a rally at the ny rising freeport office at 1 pm on monday For those " substantially damaged" or with " earth Movement " or just tired of hearing " we dont know" from ny rising case managers. Pls show up The press will be there to get your story out there. Thank you
tripmom99 December 21, 2013 at 01:11 PM
UI am happy for this family. I too will be af the rally in Monday. Even if you are home or did not lose anything please come to suppprt your still strugging fellow long islanders


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