Roosevelt Council Celebrates Eagle Scout Centennial

Massapequa based scout council sponsors parade honoring Long Islander who was America's first Eagle Scout.

The Theodore Roosevelt Scout Council put on a big show to honor a Long Islander who was one of scouting's pioneers.

Thousands of scouts from the Massapequa-based Roosevelt Council marched in Rockville Centre last week to mark the 100th anniversary of the Boy Scout's Eagle Scout award.

The parade honored Arthur R. Eldred, the nation's first Eagle Scout who was a Rockville Centre resident.

Eldred received the award in 1912 and since then, 2 million scouts have acheived the Boy Scouts' highest honor. Among them, former president Gerald Ford, and Neil Armstrong the first man to set foot on the moon.

“The parade was a highlight in our Council’s history," said Jay Garee,  the scout executive and CEO of the Roosevelt COuncil. "The thousands of Boy Scouts marching in uniform to the Arthur R. Eldred Park for a ceremony in his honor was very impressive. "

Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano declared Sept. 8 Eagle Scout recognition day in honor of Eldred.

"Nassau County continues to be a place where young boys can follow the trail to Eagle Scout and begin to contribute their leadership abilities, skills and talents for the betterment of society," he said.

Eldred was the first of four generations of Eagle Scouts and many of his relatives were present at the ceremony.

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