Reader Feedback: Old Movie Theater & MarineMax (Poll)

Take the poll and read what your neighbors would like to see in this business space in Lindenhurst.

Last Monday Lindenhurst Patch put a on the empty storefront that once housed the old movie theater and the former MarineMax boat showroom.

(To read more about the , click . And to see the results of the Feedback Poll about what should fill the old Chase Bank, click .)

And residents and readers of Patch responded with what they'd like to see in that vacant business .

Take a look at what some had to say, and chime in on what should go there by taking the poll, below, and by leaving your thoughts in the comments section, below:

Lisa Patto: "I'd love to see a farmers' market in that spot or any vacant spot in Lindenhurst." 

Lindy Mom: "Find something for the youth of Lindenhurst."

Denise Botiglione: "Definitely put the movie theater back there. It was so convenient and affordable."

Linda McLellan: "What about a two-floor science museum geared toward the children?" 

Mildred Perrotta: "Why not make it a fine arts center?"

Melissa Gianninoto: "The issue with a fine arts center is funding, and with Suffolk having of its own, funds won't be coming from the . Maybe the YMCA or another organization could come in."

Jackie Milton: "Having CVS there would've been better than what's there now, another enpty store with a huge parking lot."

Bonnie: "Why can't we have more affordable entertainment for the kids; maybe a bowling alley? My husband and I would [also] love to see a comedy club in place of the old movie theater. There's plenty of parking, and it'd benefit the resturants in our area."

Kathy Wolfrom D'arrigo: "We need a sports store in Lindy!"

John Meyers Jr.: "Sonic or Dairy Queen"

Ronald Rizzo: "Sonic would make that intersection a death trap. Does anybody remember what Route 231 is like around Sonic? The families in Lindenhurst and the teens in Lindenhurst need a movie theater they can walk to and bring their dates to on a Friday or Saturday night."

Nicholas M. Turturro III: "My wife, Debbie, and I have differing opinions about what should replace the old Lindenhurst Theatre. She'd like a Trader Joe's, and I'd like another movie theater there."

Theresa: "I think another movie theater. Not a bank or CVS or boat store. Trader Joe's sounds good....Please not another pizza place."

Bob K: "Definitely not another bank! Or maybe something geared toward our young people where they can hang out (and not another bar), and keep them from hanging out on the corners."

Ali: "If it were to be a shopping location, I'd love to see a Trader Joe's, as well. I think another movie theater is a great idea, but we have South Bay and the one in Babylon so close. Why not something like a bowling alley?"

Ariel: "A movie theater, Traders Joe's or farmers' market are the best suggestions."

Lifelong Lindy Resident: "No more banks, beauty parlors or bars, please. Like the other folks have said - a movie theater, or some other sort of family entertainment. It's sorely needed."

FED UP IN LINDY: "I think the Village board should concentrate on the real issues in the Village. I think they should welcome big business to the neighborhood."

Brian Woodworth: "It needs to be represented well on the open market for a business to want the location. There needs to be Village involvement in the packaging - tax abatements and the like. We don't decide on what does go there; market forces do. We can decide on what doesn't."

rich April 13, 2012 at 07:16 PM
Signs are up they want to take down the three buildings on the corner to put up a new cvs
M. Perrotta April 13, 2012 at 08:12 PM
I thought CVS at that location was a dead issue, do we really need it? Isn't there any conern for traffic, considering there is a bank going in accross the street, there are so many vacant store fronts,why not utilize one of them. This will only serve to keep people from going further north on Wellwood to shop in the village .
Teresa Amoruso April 28, 2012 at 12:49 AM
Many little villages have a nice place to walk at night such as East Islip and Sayville. What if we turned the entire Wellwood Avenue into a nice place to walk, stroll and enjoy the weather? On the corner of Wellwood and Montauk Highway should be a place where you could go to relax, have a cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate, and enjoy some ice cream or pastries. They could make sugar free items as well to accommodate all types of diets. The roof can be used as a balcony for more seating, and even grilling can be done on premises or on the side of the building. Healthy foods such as grilled chicken or shish kebobs, grilled meat and salads could be served as well. It's an idea. Outdoor seating also would be great, and if parking is a problem, use the empty lot across the street. This way both people on foot and people driving could have access to the place. In the winter, there could be some nice hearty soup to warm the soul.
Teresa Amoruso April 28, 2012 at 12:52 AM
The South Bay theatre is up the block. They have been open for a long time, and I actually appreciate them being there because it is a local theatre close to home. More comfortable seating would be nice, but it is still right next to Lindenhurst.
Teresa Amoruso April 28, 2012 at 12:52 AM
There already is a Farmer's market close to Lindenhurst.


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