Make Life Miserable for Mosquitoes

Patch rounds up the best of the blogs this week.

Tired of reading the same comments and debates online? Take a look around Patch, and see what some of our best bloggers had to say in the last week.

, Ben Vitale notes. "If every homeowner would inspect his property for Stagnant Water Pools, our infestation situation could improve. It only takes one inconsiderate neighbor to harbor enough Mosquito generating pools of stagnant water, to contaminate an entire neighborhood."

Rabbi Irwin Huberman denounces a . "Subjecting a human being by force to withstand an invasive act is a violation of human rights and personal dignity beyond description. And to somehow tie this to the issue of abortion and by some rough extension, to God’s natural law, is at minimum an obscenity."

Dr. Dana Weissman Timmins warns about the "If you’ve ever watched children walking to school, you’ve seen that some of them look like they’ve packed for the entire year, not just the school day. Carrying overloaded backpacks is not the exception today, but the rule and it can put some young backs in jeopardy."

is the focus of Raina Russo's blog. "As cost-effective and eco-friendly as solar leasing is, however, you can't get a solar lease on Long Island. As of now, LIPA (the Long Island Power Authority), prohibits third-party leasing companies from receiving the rebates residents get for installing solar systems in their homes, so it's not a cost-effective choice."

Jeri Usbay writes about to electronics. "Like many music loving baby boomers, I still have my record collection from the 60’s and 70’s."

Jeanine Marie wants to help everyone look good. In her , she writes, "Whether you're in your 20's or fast-approaching your 50's, maintaining clear skin can be something of a challenge."


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