Sticking Up for Acupuncture

Patch highlights some of the best blogs of the week.

Patch bloggers have lots to say on issues of importance to Long Islanders. Here are a few of the best Patch blogs this past week.

Adam Cantor says double-blind studies sell acupuncture short. "The Western medical paradigm of the double-blind university study is not the appropriate lens with which to evaluate acupuncture since you need a control, and "sham acupuncture" isn't a real placebo as can be instituted in reviews for pharmacological studies."

Michael John Sullivan wonders, "Who Would Jesus Vote For? Jesus would be saddened to see the leaders of both political parties sitting down at high-priced dinners all in the name of raising sinful amounts of cash to feed media outlets with lies about their opponent instead of using the money for the truly desolate and impoverished.

Dianne Besunder of the IRS is reminding tax preparers to schedule their competency tests, required under new federal standards. 'The Internal Revenue Service today urged 19,000 New York tax return preparers to immediately schedule their competency test or risk difficulty finding a date, time or location as the exam deadline nears next year."

Rabbi Irwin Huberman writes about the importance of Sukkot. "There is an inclination at this time of the year to droop our shoulders and bemoan "another Jewish holiday." Indeed, Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur take a lot out of us. But then Sukkot comes, and we are encouraged to we rev up our spirits again. It is a time in particular to consider our relationship with our environment."

Patricia Dalmazio cautions sellers to not send the wrong message about their homes. "Have you ever noticed clothing sales that advertise 'seconds' at greatly reduced prices? The 'second' quality merchandise may exhibit flaws like uneven seams and pulled stitches, and capitalizes on the slightly lower quality in exchange for a lower price. Much like those 'mark downs,' a home being offered for sale with obvious flaws also invites a lower price."  


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