Cops: Former Massapequa Students Threatened School on Facebook

Teens charged with making threats toward Massapequa High School on Facebook, police say.

Corinne Terris, 19, of Massapequa, and Richard Delpesce, 17, of Seaford. (Photo: NCPD)
Corinne Terris, 19, of Massapequa, and Richard Delpesce, 17, of Seaford. (Photo: NCPD)

Two former Massapequa High School students were charged with writing threats directed toward their alma mater on Facebook, according to Nassau County Police.

Detectives said a concerned parent discovered threatening comments on Facebook from two former students and called one of the school's deans.

The district immediately reported the incident to Nassau Police, who charged former students Richard Delpesce, 17, of Seaford, and Corinne Terris, 19, of Massapequa, cops said.

The two surrendered late Wednesday and were each charged with making a terroristic threat. Terris was additionally charged with fourth-degree criminal solicitation. They will be arraigned Thursday at First District Court in Hempstead.

Cops said no students were in any danger at any time during the incident.

In a statement, Massapequa Schools said they are continuing to "monitor the situation and maintain all necessary safety and security protocols."

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Massa June 05, 2014 at 04:59 PM
What is wrong with this younger generation?
Jack June 05, 2014 at 05:28 PM
Another incomplete Patch article_ what was the threat or conduct? How can a reader decide what is a realistic threat as opposed to typical teenager B.S.? Some yenta mother makes a complaint and 2 bored teens are arrested? This law was intended to prevent jihad attacks not miserable teens. So again report the facts let the reader decide.
john June 05, 2014 at 05:46 PM
Jack you are a moron! We don't need to know every little detail. That's the police's job. Do you think if we said no big deal they wouldn't charge them? Have you forgotten Columbine and Sandy Hook already?
yeahitzme June 06, 2014 at 08:41 AM
Although these teens may have been "fooling" around and hopefully not serious by their wording...they need to realize that public forums are not a place to joke around and such subject matter will never be taken as a "joke!"...Sadly we are living in a very volatile world and our enemies are not always from the outside...but from within! There is way to much inappropriate exposure of media, movies, violent video games, drugs, the so-called celebrities and music artists that provide little moral compass, and the direction of society in general - Kids....find better things to do than "facebooking!" A social networking "nightmare" for young people and their parents! A bullying and abusing wonderland if in the wrong immature or predator's hands!
Tony June 06, 2014 at 09:24 AM
John, sorry, we do need to know every 'little detail'. Leave it to the police? Really? I know the country has been leaning way left the last 8 years but since when did this become a police state? I have absolutely no idea what these kids said, so I won't try to defend what may be the indefensible but Jack is somewhat correct in that the law was intended to stop terrorist attacks--both from foreign & domestic sources. What they said MAY be similar to yelling fire in a crowded movie theater or worse, but we don't know for sure since the trusted police won't release what they posted. But this is the problem when we yield our civil liberties to the state. We are no longer the free society we once were and that in itself is criminal. For all the screaming the left did over President Bush's Patriot Act, the last 6 years have been markedly worse as far as trampling on individual rights. Again, I'm in no way defending these 2.


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