Massapequa School Custodian Charged With Assaulting Administrators at Police Academy

Custodian also accused of making threats over radio.

A custodian for the assaulted two district administrators after they confronted him about making threats over a portable radio system Friday, Nassau Police said.

Angelo Tenace, 51, of Shirley, was working at the Hawthorne School facility, which is owned by the school district but is currently being used as the Nassau County Police Academy, when he allegedly broadcast his threats over a frequency used by the district.

The custodian was angry that someone had taken his picture while he was asleep and he said, over the radio, he was "going to get whoever did it," according to a police source.

When two Massapequa school administrators came to the Academy at about 4:15 p.m. to confront him, Tenace became angry and waved a lit cigarette in one of their faces.

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The unidentified 41-year-old administrator avoided the cigarette, but Tenace punched him in the head, cops said. He later complained of blurred vision, dizziness and disorientation.

A 44-year-old administrator tried to intervene, but was knocked to the ground, hurting his right hand and knee. They were treated at a local hospital and released.

Police arrested Tenace and said he was carrying two switchblades on him.

He was charged with assault, menacing and weapons possession.

A spokeswoman for the district did not immediately return a call for comment.

Franken Harpo May 24, 2012 at 03:33 PM
From public records: http://new-york-employees.findthedata.org/l/1330175/Angelo-J-Tenace
Franken Harpo May 24, 2012 at 03:54 PM
Court:Nassau First District Court Case #:2012NA010995 Defendant:Tenace, Angelo J PL 120.00 01 A Misdemeanor, 1 count, Arrest charge, Arraignment charge Description:Aslt W/int Causes Phys Injury PL 265.02 01 D Felony, 2 counts, Arrest charge, Arraignment charge Description:Crim Poss Weap-3rd:prev Conv Case #:2012NA010996 PL 265.02 01 D Felony, 1 count, Arrest charge, Arraignment charge Description:Crim Poss Weap-3rd:prev Conv PL 120.15 00 B Misdemeanor, 1 count, Arrest charge, Arraignment charge Description:Menacing 3rd PL 120.00 02 A Misdemeanor, 1 count, Arrest charge, Arraignment charge Description:Aslt:recklsly Cause Phys Injry Temporary Order Of Protection Issued Bond $50,000 Cash $25,000 (Not Posted) Next appearance 05/25/2012
mark f July 13, 2012 at 08:03 PM
I know the man personaly he must have been provoked ...he is a kind soul with a loving heart and a contagious smile...
mk October 06, 2012 at 12:32 AM
U must be one of the most ignorant unintelligent people around. Who the hell are you to pass judgment on someone you never met or a profession that you have never done. You are probably too lazy to even attempt a job which requires physical labor. And another sign of your lack of intelligence-you believe everything you read or hear in the media. Wake up silly-take your head out of your a** and enter the real world. At least this individual worked and paid his bills and taxes. He obviously made a mistake and is now paying the consequences. But do you know anything about this individual and why he reacted the way he did? maybe he was provoked? Maybe there are other underlying issues involved? Maybe he was disgusted at school administration letting him work in asbestos filled basements for years with no protective gear? My suggestion to you-keep your mouth shut and your opinions to yourself until you have something informed and intelligent to say. Have a wonderful day.
mk October 06, 2012 at 12:36 AM
I assume you don't ever want a raise, huh Rudy? Or maybe your just never entitled to one. Judging from your comment-you are not intelligent enough to earn a raise. So just keep smiling and maybe noone will notice your ignorance.


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