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Son of 'Missing' Swimmer Reportedly Denies Knowledge of Emails and Plot

Jonathan Roth says he never saw emails indicating disappearance plan.

The son of the Massapequa resident accused of staging his disappearance last week has reportedly denied knowing anything about the alleged plot.

Jon Roth told Newsday [paid site] that he wasn't involved in a plot to help his father, Raymond Roth, fake his own death.

"I had no idea about this plan, this plot, whatever you want to call it," he told the paper.

Roth's stepmother,  claiming she had discovered emails Raymond sent to Jon the day before her husband was reported missing at Jones Beach.

One email indicated that Raymond was planning a trip to a resort and told his son to call him on the day after he was reported missing.

Raymond Roth turned up alive Wednesday in Florida, according to authorities. He was later stopped by police in South Carolina.

His son told Newsday he never received the emails. "It's all so awkward; it doesn't look right at all," he said.

Jon Roth also told the New York Post that he received a threatening voice mail from his father saying: “Still not a man, huh, Jonathan? Can’t even answer your own phone . . . Listen, tough guy. You say you’ve been to the Marines and you can kill and everything else. When I get back, you are gonna do just that. One of us is going to die.”

Roth said he might have received the threats because he foiled his father's plans by reporting him missing.

But Evana Roth told the Post her son was a "habitual liar" and insisted, “He’s scared, he’s in major trouble. He didn’t foil the plan. He was involved in it. He’s trying to stay out of jail.”

Meanwhile, a New York State Park Police detective told the New York Times that Raymond Roth had returned to New York, but law enforcement officials had not yet decided whether to charge him with a crime.

LI August 05, 2012 at 07:47 PM
Okay patch this is a dysfunctional family stop posting news on them they are all crooks Who cares anymore Enough!!!
Massa August 05, 2012 at 09:39 PM
What a bunch of kooks...lol.
catman August 06, 2012 at 12:45 AM
This is why I got out of Massapequa as soon as I graduated high school in the 70's and have never been back. The whole town is full of arrogant spoiled brats. And you all tawk funny too.


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