Two Vie For Open Seat on Massapequa Fire Board

Opening created by retirement of Board member Tom McCarthy.

massapequa Fire Commissioner candidates (left) Joseph Giodano and (Right) Gary Persichetti.
massapequa Fire Commissioner candidates (left) Joseph Giodano and (Right) Gary Persichetti.
There will be a contested race Tuesday for Commissioner in the Massapequa fire district.

There is no incumbent on the ballot due to the retirement of Tom McCarthy, but two candidates are vying for the open seat. Both are veteran members of the department. 

Here's a look at the candidates:

Gary Persichetti is a 37-year member of the department who rose through the ranks of the department serving as a Lieutenant, Captain, Assistant Chief and Chief. He served as Chief of department from 1992 to 1994.He also served in the New York City Fire Department and served as a city fire marshal.

Persichetti, 57, became head of the Massapequa department's training program in 2000.  He  is a nationally certified fire inspector and has experience working with a family owned small business.

He says his experience and knowledge of the department makes him well qualified for the post.

"My whole life has been the fire department," he said. " I know what it takes to maintain the great fire department we have."

The fire board is responsible for purchasing equipment  Persichetti says he would bring knowledge to the board of what's needed and would like to give members more input into the process.

He says that he can help the department maintain the best equipment and facilities while maintaining an efficient budget. The veteran firefighter also touted his management experience at all levels of the department.

"I think I have good people skills and can get people to do things," he said. "We should capitalize on getting the most out of our department."

Joseph Giordano has been a member of the Massapequa since 1984. He helped start the department's technical rescue team in the 1990s. He has been the president of his Firehouse Benevolent Association, known as "The Easterners," and has has a B.A. from New York Institute of technology.

Giordano, 48, is a state licensed home inspector, and a state licensed code compliance technician.

He also runs his own business, the Long Island Fire Technology which provides consulting service to fire districts in the region.

"I plan on running the fire district as if it's my business," he said.  He points to several areas that he wants to concentrate on should he be elected.

Giordano says he wants to concentrate on recruiting and retaining a strong membership. "This is a volunteer department," he said. "Our most important assets are our members."

He also wants use his knowledge of technology to make sure that the Massapequa district remains current.

Finally, Giordano says he feels the district should do more to explore grants available from federal and state agencies. "THere are a tremendous amount of grants available,"  he said, urging the district to take a look at everything that's out there.

"That's found money," Giordano said. "That's money that doesn't cost the taxpayers."

Polls will be open from 2 p.m. to 9 p.m. Tuesday. The district is introducing electronic voting this year and that will allow eligible residents to cast their vote in any Massapequa firehouse.


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