Weigh in on Adults Using Kids to Commit Crimes

A woman allegedly used two kids to shoplift over the weekend. Should she face a stiffer penalty?

Two women were charged with assaulting police over the weekend in Massapequa.

But it wasn't the only serious charge involved. The alleged assaults occurred after one of the women for using two children in a shoplifting scheme, police said.

The mother of the children was the other woman arrested and she was charged with endangering the welfare of a child. But should there be additional criminal penalties if somebody uses a child to commit a crime in situations like this.

Take our poll below and weigh in with your comments.

Massa May 30, 2012 at 10:41 PM
Yes, children learn from their parents. Everything we do as parents is watched by our children. This women c0mmited a crime which affected her children for the rest of their lives. When she is arrested, she fights the officers with her children watching. She got her children involved in a crime, and then made if like she was right and shouldn't have been arrested.........she was stealing, she was wrong, then she caused more problems by hitting a police officer.she is not a mother, and shouldn't be a mother, she is a disgrace to all parents and her kids would be better off if they weren't with her. If they leave the kids with someone like her or her friend, then those kids are doomed.
Mary Donley June 02, 2012 at 12:00 AM
Ciara Young and her mother was in care of my 5 yr old grandson who is in foster care in Mineola.While he was there he would cry and beg me to help him because she was hitting him and screaming at him. He said she was hitting her little kids as well. She has 2 small children. I could not do anything to help him but complain to the agency. They said he was lying and Ciara was cleared by the agency to watch him when her mom was working. He would cry and cry and plead with me to do something and finally after another month they finally moved him to a good home. It was horrible to know that he was telling the truth and nothing was being done.Finally I went to the director who listened to me and did something about it.Within a week or so he was like a different child. He is calm and does not cry when the visit is over.


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