Cuomo, Taxes and Long Island

The Governor is proposing a property tax freeze. What do you think of the idea?

Gov. Andrew Cuomo File Photo
Gov. Andrew Cuomo File Photo
On Wednesday, Gov. Andrew Cuomo will deliver his fourth State of the State message.

It will be the last one before he has a chance to be elected to a second term in November.

We've already received a sense of the governor's agenda in recent days. One major proposal would be a two year property tax freeze.  The proposal stipulates that in the first year, tax relief would be given to those living in jurisdictions that stay under the governor's two percent tax cap. In year two, relief would be provided only in municipalities where the local governments have both stayed under the cap and consolidated or shared services with other localities.

We want to know what you think about the plan. Should it be tied to government consolidation?  Is a property  tax freeze a a good idea? Or will it put too much of a squeeze on government entities?

Let us know in the comment section below.


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