GOP Candidates Sweep in TOBAY

Republicans maintain total domination of town government.

Oyster Bay Republicans will maintain their domination of all aspects of town government, Tuesday's election results show.

With more than half the 64 percent of the precincts reporting, three GOP members of the Town Board were holding 2-1 leads over their Democratic opponents. The GOP sweep also includes the two other town-wide positions up for election on Tuesday, receiver of taxes and town clerk.

Incumbent GOP board members Joseph Muscarella, Anthony Macagnone and Rebeca Alesia were leading Democrats Ally McNally Terence Kelly and Marc Laykind for the three town board seats up for grabs.

At Republican campaign headquarters in Westbury, Alesia said she was thrilled by the victory:

"I've said it before and I'll say it again. There's no better place to be a Republican than the Town of Oyster Bay under Supervisor John Venditto in the county of Nassau under Chairman Joe Mondello," said Alesia, a Plainview lawyer.

"I am elated. I'm going to find my husband in this crowd and go celebrate."

Muscarella had 18,256 votes, Macagnone 17,143 and Alesia 17,502. McNally led Democrats with 9,155 votes while Kelly had 9,063 and Laykind 8,678.

Republican Town Clerk Steve Labriola was slamming Democrat Michael Canzoneri with 68 percent of the vote, while GOP Receiver of Taxes Jim Stefanich led Democrat Karl Viveiros 69 to 31.

"I like to think of (Venditto) as our compass," said Labriola in his victory speech. "When our elected officials get off course, he brings us right back where we should be with strong Republican principals."

Oyster Bay Democrats had said they faced an uphill battle from the start against entrenched incumbents and a well-oiled political machine.

Here is a breakdown of the final tallies.

Total Votes % TOBAY TOWN COUNCIL Marc Laykind (D) 14,574 11.08 Terry Kelly (D) 15,165 11.53 Ally McNally (D) 15,332 11.65 Joseph Muscarella (R) 29,768 22.63 Anthony Macagnone (R) 28,038 21.31 Rebecca Alesia (R) 28,654 21.78 TOBAY TOWN CLERK Michael Canzoneri (D) 13,840 30.82 Steven Labriola (R) 31,063 69.17 TOBAY RECEIVER OF TAXES Karl Viverios (D) 13,451 29.92 James Stefanich (R) 31,063 70.06


Tanii C. November 09, 2011 at 01:34 PM
So the Republicans won again...seems to me like people really aren't mad enough about their current economic situation. If the former and once again reigning officials haven't fixed our woes in the last 2 years then what are they going to do THIS time? LIers whine and complain about jobs, spending, taxes but they continue repeatedly to vote in the very people that have done nothing to change the situation. bleh Disgusted really doesn't even describe my feelings on election day.
Merrick7 November 09, 2011 at 02:40 PM
school taxes are people's main complaints. Also TOBAY residents are not the main complainers. More TOH and TONH
alexa November 10, 2011 at 01:50 AM
I am extremely pleased with the outcome!! Especially when you look at the candidates for democratic council- WHAT A JOKE!!None of them would make a difference.. Mcnally and Kelly were the only ones that would bring something to the table if anything..I am a Jericho resident with residences in East Hampton, and NYC.


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