King Slams Boehner Over No Vote On Sandy Aid Package

Republican congressman says House leadership turns its back on local residents in need.

Republican Peter King on Wednesday slammed his own party’s leadership in the House of Representatives for failing to bring to a vote a $60 billion aid package for victims of Hurricane Sandy.

In an interview with CNN, the congressman said that while the Republican Party has been the party of “family values,” it turned its back on the most essential value of all; providing food, shelter, clothing and relief for people who have been impacted by a natural disaster.

"Anyone from New York or New Jersey who contributes one penny to the Republican Congressional Campaign Committee should have their head examined," he told CNN.

He placed blame for the lack of a vote on House Speaker John Boehner, noting that Majority Leader Eric Cantor had guaranteed a vote on the aid package.

Other officials including President Obama, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and members of the Long Island congressional delegation have called on Boehner to bring the Sandy aid package to the House floor for a vote.

Meanwhile, King was also one of 85 Repubicans who voted "Yes" Tuesday night on approving the Senate's  fiscal cliff deal.   Boehner supported the deal which sailed through the Senate while Cantor was one of 151 GOP House members who voted "No."

Concerned Long Islander January 02, 2013 at 08:45 PM
I hope Rep. KIng keeps his promise and votes AGAINST Speaker Boehner regaining his speakership in the House. How Boehner has acted during his reign has been reprehensible, mean-spirited and anti-American in so many ways. The Republican mindset of today IS NOT what we've all signed-on for when we first registered to vote over 45 years ago. The Republicans have turned into a corporation of greedy, self-centered, angry individuals who spiel of family values and responsible funding, but only on issues THEY deem will benefit the wealthy. They have lost all touch with and have turned their backs on middle-class Americans. Instead, they are beholding to corporate lobbyists, are too willing to protect the wealthy at all costs, and have sold their souls to the Tea Party. I yearn for the Republican Party that is fiscally responsible while protecting the middle-class, which has always been the strong backbone of our society. Please, Mr. King, do not vote in favor of Speaker Boehner when his appointment comes due in this new Congress.


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