Massapequa Park Residents Voice Opposition to Checkers

Oyster Bay Town Board holds hearing on proposed fast food eatery on Sunrise Highway.


Massapequa Park residents raised serious concerns Tuesday about kids gone wild in the vicinity of a proposed Checkers restaurant on Sunrise Highway.

At a hearing about the plan to build the burger joint at 5075 Sunrise Highway, several neighbors told the Oyster Bay Town Board of late night drinking parties and general hooliganism in two parking lots separating the highway from a residential area.

Checkers wants to put up a drive-thru on one of the lots, the former site of a Hess gas station. 

 “During the summer time, I’m always having trouble with that site,” said Richard Russo, who lives on Bertha Lane behind the proposed Checkers. “I have to deal with these kids who get out of hand and now we’re going to feed these kids?”

 Russo said he has made numerous phone calls to the Nassau County Police to remove the rowdy kids from the adjacent property. “All summer I collect beer cans and bottles from my back yard,” Russo said.

 Angela Insinga lives next to Russo and told the board she fears increased traffic, garbage and rodents, and additional lights and car noise in the area. She also believes nothing can be done to prevent new fast-food odors added to the old ones.

 “There’s no way around it,” Insinga said. “Just because of the air flows south down to the water.,” she said. “We’re just afraid of the overflow of people and the people hanging out.”

 The Nassau Burger Corp. has proposed a 1,400 square-foot fast-food restaurant on the site. The new Checkers would be contained in a one-story building with a double drive-thru. Most of the restaurant’s business is done through drive-thru windows.

 “In everybody’s mind there’s a difference between a gas station and a fast food operation,” said Supervisor John Venditto. “…It conjures thoughts of parking lots at 2 in the morning.”

Several Checkers representatives  told the board that the majority of the traffic coming to the site would be from existing traffic on Sunrise Highway. 

They said they expect no major traffic problems in the area and that the company avoids the use of neon signs and only plans four light poles on the property. 

 The board also heard from traffic expert Harold Lutz, who said the former gas station would have generated 25 percent more traffic than a restaurant on this location. Lutz predicted a minimal impact on traffic in the area. “They are really drawing people who are already on the road,” Lutz said. “There is no significant adverse effect regarding traffic at the site.”

 Venditto urged the Checkers’ representatives to work with the neighbors on their concerns. He said the town can make efforts to work with Nassau police to increase patrols in the area.

 The board reserved decision on the proposal until a later date.


Massa March 05, 2011 at 11:43 PM
We really don't need a fast food drive through on Sunrise hwy. That area parking lot behind the old Hess station would be a real mess if it is a Checkers and opened till 2am. That means that a fence would be put up behind the checkers and that rear bank parking lot would not be scene from Sunrise Hwy causing problems with teens and cause problems with noise and illegal activity.It is not fair to the neighbors who live in the area. The local 7th precinct does not always respond when you call them for a noise call,which is not right at all, the 7th is one of the slowest precicts in Nassau county. Maybe less time at the Massapeaua fire houses would be a good idea. We need something in Massapequa park that won't be a problem to the community and won't jam up traffic on Sunrise hwy that is already a big problem.
TOBAY CORRUPTION January 20, 2012 at 05:00 AM
I agree with Massa. If you know this area, a Checkers is not needed nor does it fit in. The Burger King a few blocks down is completely DEAD every time I drive by it. No one goes there. I don't even know how they're still in business. There is also a Checkers not even 5 minutes up on Route 110. Why would they put another one so close??? If you're putting it by the Mall, that's one thing. But this is too close to Massapequa Park, where there are ZERO fast food restaurants. This is criminal by the Town of Oyster Bay. Of course, they will probably vote down the Oyster Bay Mall, because Massapequa has to carry all the commercial biz in this corrupt Town (Oyster Bay)..
Massa January 21, 2012 at 04:49 PM
I agree with a whole foods or trader Joe's or something like that our area. Another fast food place is a joke, Checkers has on in north Amityville and on Merrick road in Lindenhurst, are they looking to put one in every town on the South shore? I do happen to like al lot of the things the Tob does, and I do like our town Supervisior, but putting this fast food crap that will hurt our community Is a real slap in the face the hard working good people who have lived here for many years. Like I have posted before, lets have some common sense.
Thomas Brockway April 08, 2014 at 11:00 AM
Looks like Checker's closed it doors. Now the question is what will go there next.
Massa April 08, 2014 at 11:46 AM
Great idea to put that there....lol. Lasted real long.


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