Nassau Notebook: Coliseum Clock Ticking, Narcotics Sweep

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Islanders Say 'Clock is Ticking' for a New Coliseum

Urgency to build a new Coliseum was conveyed at Tuesday's Nassau Legislature Economic and Community Development and Labor meeting.

"We have to make a decision on the Coliseum," New York Islanders Senior Vice President and Alternate Governor Michael Picker pleaded in front of the legislature.

Picker was joined by local politicians and labor officials who urged redevelopment at Nassau's HUB before time runs out ...

Read the rest of the story on Levittown Patch.

Narcotics Sweep a Success

Mangano and Police Commissioner Thomas Dale announced Thursday the success of a sweep conducted by the Nassau County Police Department’s Narcotics Squad that resulted in the arrest of 17 individuals for forging prescriptions at various pharmacies throughout the county. Additionally, Enhanced Community Watch – a new joint initiative involving Nassau County police officers and probation officers – resulted in the arrest of three probationers: two for illegal possession of prescription drugs without prescriptions and one on a violation of probation warrant for using Heroin.

Eight of the individuals arrested had attempted to fill forged prescriptions to obtain painkillers at CVS in Hicksville. In one of those cases, a woman posed as a doctor or nurse practitioner on seven different occasions and called in prescriptions for patients whose identity she had stolen. The individual then appeared at the pharmacy as the patient and purchased the drugs using the women's stolen medical insurance plan.

Another individual allegedly stole a prescription pad from a doctor and wrote several prescriptions for Promethazine with Codeine. The other arrests were for individuals attempting to fill forged prescriptions at independent pharmacies.

Arrests in Nassau County for forging opiate drug prescriptions have quadrupled this year; from four such arrests in Nassau County at this time last year, to the 17 arrested this year.

Taxpayer Reform Groups Supporting Mangano's Community Policing Plan

Mangano and Thomas Dale received support from local taxpayer reform groups this week for their recently announced Community Policing Plan (COP). According to Mangano, the support comes from groups "that are looking for real reform and change in Nassau that protects its already overburdened residents from another tax hike."

In a joint statement, Anita MacDougall, chairperson of Long Island Tax Reform, Laurann Pandelakis, president of the Manhasset Republican Club, and Frank Russo, member of the Nassau Conservative Party Executive Committee, said that "Long Island seniors and young adults are leaving in droves due to the high costs of government. County Executive Mangano's plan helps reduce the cost of government by millions of dollars and places officers in community policing positions rather than at office desks, thereby improving cost effectiveness."

The trio added: "The County Executive is doing his job in being pro-active, searching for ways to hold the line on taxes without compromising services and implementing improvements in available technologies. This is a win-win for the taxpayer."

Pat Friedman, Founder and Chairperson of the Nassau County Non-Partisan Tax Revolt Coalition, Bob Pendleton of the Nassau County Tea Party Patriots and Andrew Nordquist, Chairman of the Long Island Taxpayer Alliance, were also in support of the COP.

Study Sheds Light on 'Deadly' Hempstead Turnpike

A new study upholds Hempstead Turnpike's ranking as the deadliest road in the tri-state area for pedestrians.

Read the rest of the story on East Meadow Patch.

Nassau County Recruits Local Filmmakers for Film Advisory Board

The Nassau County Film Office recently held the first meeting of the Nassau County Film Advisory Board in Mineola. The board included local independent filmmakers, owners of both Gold Coast and Grumman Film Studios, and community leaders.

See the full video on Mineola Patch.

Lloyd April 24, 2012 at 04:48 PM
I didnt see the Hartford Whalers, the Kansas City Scouts, or the Denver Rockies move to Saskatoon or Regina. Obviously Canada is not such a financially lucrative place as you think. Theres more money in Columbus or Charlotte than in Halifax or Windsor. The Islanders will stay on LI and move to Brooklyn.
Mac April 24, 2012 at 04:49 PM
The thought was that the NHL wanted to bring hockey to the us belt states. Canada was losing money at the time because the canadian dollar was worth less than that of the US. Not so anymore. As the times changed the viabilty of these franchises in the warmer states is decreasing. the NHL thought it could ride Greztky into to many American cities. The money is being made in Canada now. These are all facts anyone could look up. You are right the NHL and Bettman would prefer to keep the Islanders here but if they cannot figure it out by 2015 they will be gone regardless of the owner. The taxpayers will not apporve anything that increases taxes in this economy. There are not enough rabid fans or they would be there.
Lloyd April 24, 2012 at 05:37 PM
I agree that Canada is doing better financially now than many parts of the US. But has Bettman learned his lesson that Ice Hockey is the No. 1 Canadian sport while it will never rise above No. 4 in the US no matter how many franchises the NHL awards in Ariz, Cal, Tex, N.C, Tenn, Fla, etc. The NHL could even slip lower in popularity with NASCAR and Soccer passing it by. So I'm betting on Betman to try and shore up the US franchises and not let them all move up North where his dreams of a national US TV contract will all but dissapear. And the new Nasssu Coliseum is now a dead isdue, unless some wealthy businesdman comes along to personally fund it, which I doubt very much. Cuban and Trump have no political muscle in this county
Nassau Taxpayer April 24, 2012 at 06:31 PM
I hear they now have air conditioning down south. No?
Lloyd April 24, 2012 at 06:53 PM
Even with air condiioning, Ice hockey down South falls behind NASCAR and alligator wrestling.


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