Question of the Day: Job Market [Poll]

Do you see it improving?

Long Island is adding jobs and enjoys the lowest unemployment in New York state, .

In the Town of Oyster Bay, unemployment dropped to 6.2 percent in March from 6.6 percent a month earlier. But it was up slightly from the 6.1 unemployment rate in March 2011.

Which leads to the question. Are you seeing an improvement in the labor market?

Have you landed a job recently? And what were your strategies in scoring employment? Did you find that you had to switch sectors?  Or do you still see the labor market as bleak?

Have you found work? Have you accepted a job beneath your pay grade?

Will you be looking to receive training to boost your skill sets? Have you given up looking for work? What's your assessment of the job market?

Let us know in comments, and take our poll below.


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