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Residents Told to Watch Out for Beetles

Arrival of Asian Longhorned Beetles is a cause for concern.

Residents are reminded to watch for signs of the Asian Longhorned Beetle.

While the beetle is mostly active between June and September, it can be present as early as May and as late as October.

Residents in the beetle quarantine area should check for infestations.  The quarantine area in town covers most of the Massapequa/North Massapequa area, inclusive of several blocks north of Southern State Parkway, several blocks west of Broadway/North Broadway, east to the Town line and south to Great South Bay.

Oyster Bay Town Councilman Joe Muscarella said, “So far, the town’s efforts to keep the Asian Longhorned Beetle from spreading beyond the quarantine area have been successful, due, in part, to the vigilance of our residents.

“We must remain on the alert, though, if we are to preserve the remaining trees in the quarantine area and prevent the beetle from advancing into new areas.”

Muscarella said the beetle was first discovered in areas of Massapequa and Amityville in 1996. A quarantine was imposed to regulate the movement of wood from the areas to stem the spread of the beetle.

The beetle’s favorite trees are hardwoods.

Muscarella described the beetle has about an inch long,  with two horn-shaped antennae that are longer than the body. The body is shiny black with white spots and the antennae are banded black and white. The plate-shaped feet are black with a whitish-blue upper surface. It has wings and can fly for short distances.

To report a beetle sighting, call the Cooperative Asian Longhorned Beetle Program at 1-866-265-0301.


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