Rice Running for Third DA Term, Parties Clash Over Redistricting Map

A weekly look-in at the news of Nassau County.

Nassau County District Attorney Kathleen Rice announced earlier this week that she would run for her third term later this year.

The announcement removes Rice from potentially running on the Democratic ticket for the county executive seat against incumbent Ed Mangano in November.

Newsday [paid link], Rice was likely the lead candidate for the Democrats, who now must go back to the drawing board.

Democratic leaders have touted Rice as a top candidate to challenge Nassau County Executive Edward Mangano this fall. Rice's decision creates a void for Democrats in the race.

Earlier this week, Newsday mentioned Nassau Democratic Chairman Jay Jacobs and Legis. Dave Denenberg, D-Merrick, as potential candidates to unseat Mangano.

Post-Hurricane Repairs Underway at Jones Beach

As 2013 begins, repairs to Jones Beach in Wantagh following extensive damage the Long Island landmark suffered from Superstorm Sandy are underway and state officials expect the park to be ready for public use by Memorial Day weekend.

For more on this story, read here.

Nassau Dems, GOP Clash Over Redistricting Map

One week after Republicans unveiled their redistricting map, Democrats have submitted their own map to the Nassau County Legislature.

Newsday [paid link] has reported that Democrats feel the GOP's proposal "violates the Voting Rights Act and moves half of the county into different districts."

"We've given a sensible map," Democratic chairman Jay Jacobs told Newsday. "Our map moves less than 20,000 people out of 1.3 million" people living in Nassau. "Their map moves something in the area of 680,000 people and changes the entire structure of the map."

Click here to see both proposed maps.

House Approves $9.7 Billion in Sandy Aid

Less than 72 hours after failing to vote on a $60.4 billion Sandy aid bill, the House has approved a "scaled back" version of the bill, to the tune of $9.7 billion.

The bill allows Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to pay out insurance claims to those who held federal flood insurance.

Click here to read more about the approved aid.

Nassau Reminds Small Businesses to Tap Sandy Recovery Resources

Earlier this week, County Executive Mangano urged business owners to utilize the programs and resources that are available to get back on their feet. Immediately following Hurricane Sandy, Mangano directed the Nassau County Industrial Development Agency (NCIDA) to establish a Business Recovery Center to help businesses get up and running.

The Business Recovery Center offers affected businesses a sales tax exemption on the purchase of any furniture, fixtures, equipment, machinery, computers and building material that is necessary to ensure the businesses can reopen. Thus far, more than $1.5 million in exemptions have been issued by the NCIDA.

Approximately 20 volunteers are available to respond to inquiries relating to economic development issues. The responders are from Hofstra University, JP Morgan Chase, TD Bank and Deloitte and thus far, they have handled more than 500 inquiries to the Business Recovery Center.

The 24-hour Business Recovery Center has a dedicated hotline staffed by economic development representatives. The number is (516) 571-1745. In addition, all federal, state and local business recovery resources can be accessed at: www.nassaubackinbusiness.org. The County IDA has also established a dedicated email address where questions can be addressed by economic development professionals – LEADs@NassauIDA.org.

New STEP Program Deadline Set for Jan. 18

The county has announced a new deadline of Jan. 18 for residents to apply for Sheltering and Temporary Essential Power (STEP) Program assistance. The program provides emergency assistance with restoring temporary electricity, heat and hot water to homes which can shelter homeowners while permanent repair work continues.

Residents seeking assistance through the Nassau County STEP Program should dial 1-888-684-4267. Once the call is made, a program administrator dispatches an assessment team. After an assessment is conducted and a scope of work is detailed and approved, the contractor will obtain the required permits and schedule the work. Work must be completed 60 days from when the assessment was conducted.

Chris Wendt January 08, 2013 at 03:12 PM
What about Diane Yatauro for County Executive? Former Presiding Officer and Minority Leader of the County Legislature. She seemed to be fairly credible, and not one of the "Good old boys". http://longislandreport.org/tag/diane-yatauro
Frank January 08, 2013 at 05:04 PM
I'd prefer anyone that is willing to at least incarcerate rather than plea deal all the time. It's a gangsta's paradise in Nassau. Need a tough DA. She's definitely Misses Softee.
Jon Weinstein January 08, 2013 at 08:59 PM
The Nassau GOP has learned their Redistricting from the likes of Texan Tom DeLay and others in the Grand Ole Party who have used naked political power to ram through the most egregious Gerrymanders imaginable under the guise of lawful process. This map is a disgrace as it truncates minority communities, and does a very bad number on preserving community unity. It's all about winning and keeping a larger majority. The Nassau GOP knows that there will not be a massive, overwhelming citizen revolt coupled with millions of Dollars, troops, advertising and new contact technologies thrown into the fight as would be seen in a major race and election year. They bank on the fact that the massive majority of citizens A, won;t vote, B, don;t have any CLUE about the effects of this on their daily lives, and C, are unmotivated as well as time-pressed to get involved in the protracted community work to elect good people in these bastardized districts. In short, the Nassau GOP knows that this can be an easy Bank Shot as the majority won;t vote, car or understand. No rolling over and playing dead here! STAND UP FOR DEMOCRACY! VOTE ! ADVOCATE! MARCH!
fred January 08, 2013 at 10:16 PM
Chris when was the last time a legislative vote wasn't 10-9. Unfortunately you are wrong because it is all about party and no longer about people! There are no free thinkers any more just party zealots!
Chris Wendt January 08, 2013 at 11:48 PM
Fred, let's not pretend to be confused between how the electorate votes for candidates in elections (compared to how we are registered), and, how the Nassau County Legislature votes once they are in office.


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