TOBAY Notebook: School Tax Warrant Closed

If you haven't paid your taxes you owe a late fee but there's still time to avoid other fees and interest.

The deadline for paying school taxes for 2010-2011 passed Tuesday, and while those who missed it will owe a two percent late payment penalty, there's still a chance to avoid further  payment.

But you have to act quickly.

According to Town of Oyster Bay  Receiver of Taxes James Stefanich, those who are paying late need to contact his office if they did not receive a second notification with a delinquent tax bill. His number is 516-624-6400.

Payments postmarked after May 31st cannot be accepted because the collection will have expired. Those payments must be sent to the Nassau County Treasurer at 240 Old Country Road, Mineola, New York 11501.

Failure to pay taxes before the collection warrant expires willl result in a delinquent tax lien proceeding and can eventually lead to the loss of your property.

Pool Safety Inspections

With summer coming, the Town has announced a new safety inspection program in an effort to prevent drownings.

You can make an appointment to get a free pool inspection by calling the town at 516-624-6200. Residents are encouraged to sign up even if they don't have a valid pool permit. Safety inspectors will look at alarms, fences, gates, pool decking, ladders, pool covers, and filter water inlets and outlets and suggest corrective measures if they find something wrong.

Those who need permits will be asked to apply for one at the time of inspection. 

The Town is also asking residents to remember important safety measures  as temperatures get warmer including:

  • Learn to swim and enroll children in swimming classes.
  • Never swim alone. Even expert swimmers can have accidents.
  • NEVER leave a child alone in a pool for any reason and keep rescue equipment and a telephone close to a pool.
  • Always have a responsible person watching children and adult swimmers at pool parties.
  • Enclose pools with a self locking, self closing fence with a vertical bar.

Yoga For Seniors

There's a healthy new initiative for seniors, even if their schedules aren't so flexible.

The Town is offering yoga classes in three different venues. Classes meet Monday at 4 p.m. at the .

Tuesday classes meet at the  at 1 p.m. and Wednesday sessions will be at the Hicksville Community Center  located at 28 Carl Street in Hicksville beginning at 9 a.m.

Attendees are asked to please bring their own water bottles and yoga mats.




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