TOBAY Plans to Expand Alhambra Beach Park

Officials give go ahead for appraisal of condemned property near park.

Town of Oyster Bay officials are moving forward to acquire the condemned property at One Alhambra Road in Massapequa. At Tuesday's town board meeting, TOBAY lawmakers approved a resolution to appraise the property with the intent of buying it to extend the beach next-door.

The 1.5 acre property on Alhambra Road has been condemned for almost a year and borders a town-owned park and beach. TOBAY plans to buy and revitalize the property with Safe Environmental Assets (SEA) Fund bonds and extend the territory of the beach. Getting an official price tag for the property will kick-start the process of purchasing and refurbishing the beach, town officials said.

TOBAY will use Safe Environmental Assets (SEA) Fund bonds, aimed at improving parks and improving open space within TOBAY, to purchase the property. SEA Funds I, II, and III, totaling over $100 million, have been used to bring playgrounds up to date with ADA standards, install turf fields, and preserve sensitive land and water around TOBAY.

In Massapequa, SEA Fund bonds also cover , the wooded area at Clocks Boulevard, Spray Park, and Massapequa Triangle.

the baby May 03, 2012 at 06:43 PM
I spent many, many days and nights down there as I used to work in the kitchen at Dick & Dora's and played at Fox's, both now demolished and replaced by condos. How sad, but I am happy to hear that it will be returned to the people for their pleasure. It is a hidden gem.
Dick Blair May 04, 2012 at 06:44 PM
Learned to swim at Alhambra Beach in the 50's and remember Ziegelbaur's Restaurant...they also had a small candy shack for beach goers...the shack was call Ziegies or something like that.
Joe June 06, 2012 at 06:08 PM
How sad! What was once a vibrant small marina at the end of Alhambra Rd. is now condemned and will be part of a closed down beach. It's where my family would bring us as kids to cool off back in the day. If you take a ride down to the end of the Alhambra Rd. you will not recognize the area. All of the businesses including; the famous Dick and Doras Restaurent, Ziggies , Foxes, Tides on the Bay, are all gone. Now the last piece will become a unwarranted addition to a abandoned beach that will continue to cost us tax dollars forever. This past w/e a kayak co. charged $60.00 to teach kayaking at the old beach. Maybe that co. is interested in the land? The Marina is a small location adjoining the Massapequa Town Dock. The marina sold gas and bait to boaters as well as small engine repairs and refreshments to beachgoers. Just like the recent purchase of the acres next to Allen Park in Farmingdale which use to be a large commercial factory area employing dozens of employees, the triangle at Hicksville Rd and Broadway Massapequa a closed gas station, now its the marina. All of these income producing properties have been taken off the tax rolls in the name of parks. All of these locations had businesses with employees who earned salaries which support families. How can we stabilize taxes when the TOB continues removing income producing property & converting the locations to parks. More parks, more services & more TOB employees. MORE COSTS TO TAX PAYERS NOW AND FOREVER! RIP
Michelle Centamore February 28, 2013 at 10:39 PM
Does anyone remember or know the names of the former owner(s) or manager(s) of Tides on the Bay?
Sprite March 28, 2013 at 10:42 AM
Gus' Marine was never the same after Almenia and Gustave Schmidt left the marina they opened in 1946 was sold in 1969. My family docked our boat at Gus'. For many years and we had lots of good times at the marina and on Alhambra beach before the TOB let the beach go to hell. Aurthur' Bar next door used to make the best RB sandwiches on the south shore. Seems like just yesterday.


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