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TOBAY Tinkers With Peddler Law

Oyster Bay officials to begin digital fingerprinting and change language of peddler laws.

Knife sharpeners, ice cream men, and other door-to-door salespeople will see discretion and some 21st century changes, according to

A hearing at Tuesday's began the process of introducing new language and digital image fingerprinting to peddlers licensing.

One of the main changes to the law revolves around a single word when it comes to granting licenses.

"The word 'shall' was changed to 'may' which, in the language, gives me more discretion and makes the ordinance more flexible," said Labriola.

"For instance, some young men may get into a bar fight when they are younger…If I see that happened 10 years ago and there is no recurrence since, I can use my discretion in awarding them the license."

Peddlers will have to abide by the same laws as before and residents will have the same rights in how to deal with them.

"I don't think the public will notice anything really," said Labriola. "Commercial peddlers will still be required to have a town issued identification and comply with 'Do Not Knock.'

"…If someone has that sticker, the peddler must pass," said Labriola, who warned TOBAY residents not to take the ease in obtaining identification as a sign to lighten up on those who come knocking.

"When an ID is issued by the town, they notify us when they will be soliciting, and we notify the police," said Labriola. If a peddler can't produce their town license, residents are instructed to close the door and immediately call 911.

The changes to the ordinance are effective immediately upon adoption by the board.

Phil Healey April 18, 2012 at 10:43 PM
The finger printing and review is a great idea, and the concept that people can make mistakes is noble. However in cases of a felony , I hope the Town's legal counsel will be involved to avoid any liablity or risk to the residents
Barbara April 30, 2012 at 04:39 PM
We had a peddler knock on our door after 8pm, to which I promptly called the local precinct. Fortunately, other neighbors on nearby streets had done the same, so they said they would send a car. They are the ones with a tupperware bin, no proper I.D., and are probably not from the area, and the officer told me they are not allowed to do this. With the home invasions, distraction robberies, we all need to be careful, and call the police to ensure our safety.


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