Weigh in on Youth Services Funding

A political fight between the County Executive and the Democrats in the Legislature is putting funding for organizations like YES Community Counseling in jeopardy. Who's to blame?

Social service agencies throughout Nassau County are concerned about a political battle that could affect their funding.

Last week, Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano sent a letter to dozens of agencies telling them the County would have to cancel their funding unless Democrats in the County Legislature agree to fund the county's $41 million tax refund debt.

There is a vote on the matter scheduled for Monday.

The standoff between Republican Mangano and the legislative Democrats leaves organizations such as in limbo.

Yes Director Jamie Bogenshutz has sent out an email urging supporters to reach out to lawmakers from both parties asking them to come to a resolution. 

We want to get your thoughts on the standoff. Who so you blame, or should blame be spread to both sides. 

Take our poll below, and weigh in with your comments.


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