Massapequa School Board Candidate: Jane Ryan

Patch speaks with the Massapequa BOE trustee, currently running for re-election.

Jane Ryan is a candidate in the May 17 Massapequa School Board election.

She is a graduate of Massapequa High School who has a child in the district.

Ryan is a certified public accountant and president of JE Ryan & Associates an accounting and consulting firm based in Wantagh.

She has served on the School Board since 2008 and is seeking her second term.

We recently sat down with Ryan at the school district offices and heard some of her opinions on the issues facing voters.

On Taxes:

"I think the most important issue has to be school district taxes, keeping our budgets low, keeping tax levies low.  "I'm very proud of the fact that we do have the lowest budget increase and the lowest tax levy in 12 years, the fourth lowest spending per pupil and that we have been recognized by New York State for administrative efficiency."

On why the district submitted a budget that included a 1 .72 percent spending increase rather than no increase:

"In order to do a zero budget, it would be a lot of money. We would have to go back to the drawing board and see what programs we would have to eliminate...We feel that we've brought the budget in at a reasonable increase. We've used our reserves to lower the tax  levy, which both the governor and the state comptroller have recommended. We're very fortunate in Massapequa that we do have those reserves. Other districts have a four, five, eight percent tax levy because they don't have reserves and they didn't plan for a rainy day."

On salaries for school superintendents:

"A lot of superintendents do make too much if you look across the island and look at the salary of superintendents, especially considering the size of their districts...Am I for an overall cap on all superintendent salaries? No I'm not."

On the salary on Massapequa Superintendent Charles Sulc:

"Do I feel Mr. Sulc is worth the salary he makes? Yes I do. He brings to the district and our administrators bring to the district cost savings and many  innovative ideas."

On whether teaching positions should be eliminated:

"Education is our future. The child's future depends upon the education they receive at an early age. Do I agree with doubling class size and eliminating teachers? No I don't. I think children especially in this environment and with all the new standards coming out need the oversight and they need the teachers."

On the possibility of eliminating administrative positions:

"That is looked at. We did an administrative reorganization this year and we saved money.  That hasn't been advertised too much, but we did have a savings in that we didn't replace some staff."

John Faldetta May 11, 2011 at 08:46 PM
You don't Mention the opposition. Why dont you have them have thier say like Ms. Ryan
Phil Healey May 11, 2011 at 09:05 PM
I am concerned that Ms Ryan and others seem to miss the mark on the tax cap issue and school tax levy. It is great that we can keep the levy down this year to less than the state proposed 2 % cap. However, the only way we are keeping the tax low is by using the reserves from prior tax years. Using the reserves does not control spending it actually masks the real issues. We cannot continue to use reserves without a cut in spending. While I recongize the cost of living on Long Island, I for one would like to see a candidate impliment a new contract salary wage for incoming employees. The current employees of the district would not be part of the contract. I am sure to 100 % that no matter what the reduced salary scale that there would be 50 applicants for every postion in Massapequa. I agree that the superintendent is worth his salary,and focusing on 1 person out of 700 plus employees is non productive, we need to develop a plan that reduecs all levels proportinally at all grades . That is the challenge, can you and the community stand tall and set a new path for the future?
AI230 April 26, 2012 at 12:32 AM
Where are the specifics in her responses? I see no substance. @Phil- that one person's salary is the equivalent of SEVERAL teachers. Let's focus. How much LESS do you think we should pay incoming teachers? I agree we would still have plenty of applicants; the same applicants who who interviewing in districts you wouldn't send your kids to.


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