Massapequa School Board Candidate: Richard Carozza

Patch speaks with the Massapequa BOE trustee candidate.

This is the fourth of a series of candidate profiles that will appear on Massapequa Patch. Stay with us for more profiles leading up to Tuesday's election.

Richard Carozza is a candidate in the May 15 Massapequa School Board election. 

He has been a resident of Massapequa for 21 years. and has three children attending school in the district.

He owns several companies which are involved in construction, plumbing, heating, sewer services, insurance and real estate.

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We recently sat down with Carozza and heard some of his opinions on the issues facing voters.

On how he'd make cuts:

"I would cut across the board. I would look at administration. We have 25 people who make over $150,000 a year. That is unsustainable. The percentage increase they would get is unsustainable. it would put the people that are now having problems paying their mortgages in dire straits."

On the tax cap:

"it's the only way that we can put a control on the the school district. Without it even on the table, this would be a 5 or 6 percent [tax] increase. When you have a $200 million budget and it's 6 percent increase, that's $ 12 million.  Over five years, you're talking $60 million."

On state aid:

"State aid is never going to be what we think we're going to get. It's based on a complicated system . Basically, we're an affluent school district and we're not ever going to get our fair share of state aid. We never did. We never will and that's just the way it is."

On the  budget:

"We need to change what we do, and be mindful of it. We have to get to a zero based budget, which basically means we'll look at it every year. "You can't build on the budget anymore. You can't say you're going to raise it 5 or 6 percent."

Kids First May 15, 2012 at 01:43 AM
Massapequa has been using zero based budgets for the last 10 years...perhaps if mr carozza would have attended even one meeting in the last 10 years he would be aware of this....also....how are we going to attract the best and brightest if we aren't willing to pay them above the going rate ? Massapequa pays teachers and administrators the medium in Nassau county....the best and brightest are going to garden city...Jericho....syosset....where they pay above the medium....wouldn't you apply to those districts if you were the best? Why work in massapequa? Mr carozza you just don't make sense because you know nothing about education.
broke taxpayer May 15, 2012 at 03:08 AM
Wow let's just attack the man why don't we. If you know so much more than the rest of us why aren't you running for school board instead of spending you time attacking the individuals who are offering their time. I do believe Mr. Carozza needs more experience before I would consider voting for him but there is no need to get nasty.
Kids First May 15, 2012 at 01:16 PM
Sorry you thought my comments nasty....I was just stating facts....people need to use some common sense....think and do some research before ones speaks....I give anyone credit who volunteers....I've spent countless hours at it inspire of having children to shuttle around but if your going to go for as an important position as boe trustee that is responsible for thousands of childrens well beings, do some research! And for goodness sake go to boe meetings and know what the issues are in education and long island!
broke taxpayer May 15, 2012 at 01:58 PM
I do agree with you on that Kids First.
Educated Parent May 15, 2012 at 04:44 PM
Kids First, do you actually know what Zero-based Budgeting is or how it differs from Cost-based budgeting? That Zero-based budgeting means starting each budget cycle with a zero balance and then analyzing each proposed cost and its benefit before those funds are added to the budget? This is different from making incremental changes to a Cost-based budget, which is based on the previous year’s budget. I’m fairly sure that Massapequa School District is not doing the longer and more arduous process of zero-based budgeting. As for teachers, I believe that Mr. Carozza’s point was, again, not to just dish out incremental increases based on longevity but to reward teachers for excellence. There are plenty of good reasons to work in Mass SD, and knowing that excellence in teaching will be recognized and rewarded is a good one to add. Incidentally, Carozza also talked about cutting the wildly bloated administrative budget and examining district-wide operations to cut costs by increasing efficiency and consolidation. If you want to talk facts, let’s talk facts.


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