Meet Massapequa Salutatorian Lauren Reisig

She's Harvard bound and wants to to be a legal wizard.

 Salutatorian Lauren Reisig has big dreams.  Very big dreams.

When asked what her ideal future would be, Lauren gave a very confident answer. "I'd like to be a Supreme Court justice," she said. 

Justice Roberts and company might want to pay attention because she's already off to a great start.

Lauren had a 5.017 Grade Point Average weighted on a 4.75 scale. She's also headed to Harvard University in the Fall.

Officially, her concentration (which is what Harvard calls a major) will be in Economics and she may also study psychology, but she's gearing up for a career in government, thanks in large part to her experience in taking law classes at MHS.

"I started Instructional Law here in 10th grade and I loved it," Lauren said. "I was part of the mock trial team for the last three years. We actually did very well this year."

The team , which Lauren counts as one of her highlights at school.

Lauren credits Dan Bachman the team's coach with being an inspiration.

"He was always looking after us and he loved to see us excited," she said. "He was always willing to put in the extra time. Our team met more than any other club."

Lauren was at a Mock Trial Tournament when she learned she was accepted at Harvard. "It was great getting in, but it was even greater seeing how everyone was excited for me," she said.

Her peers at school also added to the importance of being named Salutatorian. 

"it's a huge honor," she said. "Especially coming from a class like the class we had this year. I'm always amazed at my peer and how brilliant they are."

Lauren was president of the school's science research club, varsity tennis captain and interned at the Suffolk County District Attorney's office. 

She has a lot to look back on and will do so in her speech at Monday's graduation. She has kept what's she's written close to the vest, only allowing her brother Stephen, a student at C.W. Post to see it.

But it's a sure bet, she'll look back on her days at MHS fondly.

"This school has done so much for me. I can't be more thankful for everything they've done. I've had such a great support system here."


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