Revisiting the Testing Resolution in Massapequa

The Massapequa School Board passed another resolution on testing at their last meeting. Are you glad they took a second look at the matter?

File photo
File photo
The Massapequa School Board passed a resolution last week asking the state to reconsider it's reliance on testing.

They took the action a month after passing another resolution with a similar request.

The board decided to revisit the issue after the first resolution was heavily criticized, with many saying it was not tough enough.

The board's second resolution went into far more detail about their criticisms of the Common Core Standards and its reliance on testing.

We want to to know what you think. Was the Board right to revisit the issue and be more in tune with the public? Or was it a waste of time given that it involves a policy that can only be changed by state lawmakers.

Let us know in the comment section below. 


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