Got the Job-Search Blues? Help is Available at the Massapequa Library

Career counselor Cathy Rimsky can give you the job search strategies needed to get ahead in today's job marketplace.

You know the old saying: the worst part of looking for a job is looking for a job. And in today's difficult economy, it's harder than ever.

Luckily, help in your search is available, courtesy of the Massapequa public library. Cathy Rimsky works with individuals who are in career transition; for example, people who have been downsized or are re-entering the workforce after a hiatus, and college kids looking for their first jobs.

"I work with them on job search strategies, trying to help them to be productive," she said. "In terms of resume writing, networking, interviewing...whatever it is that they need help with."

One of the most basic aspects of any job search is creating an effective resume, something Rimsky specializes in.

"Resumes have changed a bit in the last 10, 15 years," she said. "People used to write a very generic resume...now they write a very targeted resume for what they're looking for."

"You're really trying to show your accomplishments to your prospective employer," Rimsky added. "Not just what you did, but how successful you were at doing it."

Rimsky said that social media has recently become a big component of the overall job hunt, as far as establishing important connections go.

"LinkedIn is a big social media site, where professionals network with each other," she said. "So I help people a lot with how to use LinkedIn, how to look up information on companies, finding people to network with to help with your job search."

"Twenty percent of people get jobs through internet job boards...eighty percent get jobs through networking." Rimsky added.

Rimsky also advises those looking for jobs to take advantage of the many resources out there that are available to them.

"The Department of Labor, libraries, and local job clubs," she said. "It's very important not to sit behind your computer while you're in a job search. They may not work for everyone, but you should use every advantage you have."

Today's tough economy even creates problems if you do manage to find a job, as typically employers have their pick of the best-qualified applicants and can afford to low-ball them on salary offers due to overwhelming job demand.

"Sometimes people might have to not only settle for lower-paying jobs, but lower-level jobs than before, because it's very competitive," Rimsky said. "You have to get in there and hope that the growth potential is such that you'll evnetually be where you want to."

Presenting how you can add value to a company and solve their problems is key to impressing any employer, according to Rimsky. But one thing is even more important in today's rough job market: perseverance.

"Searching for a job is a job," she said. "People have to understand that you really have to make a project of it, make goals, put yourself out there, take some risks, but at the same time, you have to take a breather and time to recharge, because it's hard. And stay as positive as you can."

You can contact the to schedule an appointment with Cathy Rimsky.


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