Massapequa Contractor Builds Hope

Massapequa contractor Gary Zaccaro explains his neighborly gesture to KJOY.

Massapequa’s needed a bone marrow transplant to help his fight with leukemia. Contractor Gary Zaccaro heard his plight and chipped in the only way he knew how – he built a basement apartment to help Sopack recover in germ-free isolation.

Zaccaro recently appeared on the KJOY-FM’s Morning Show with Steve & Leeana to talk about the connection these two Massapequans formed.

Zaccaro said he first heard about Sopack’s cancer battle by reading his story in a local newspaper: “I said, ‘Let me see if I can lend a helping hand,'” Zaccaro told KJOY. "Maybe there’s one aspect of the project I can help out with since I’m in the construction business.”

But after meeting the Sopack family, Zaccaro decided to take on the entire project himself. It's a recently. He owns .


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