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No. 83: Donate A Pint To Someone Who's Running Low

Massapequa hosts regular public blood drives to help those in need.

Massapequa is nothing if not a charitable town. Most notable are the many blood drives it holds each and every year in partnership with the New York Blood Center, servicing the needs of those afflicted with disease or injured in accidents.

Many of the blood drives are hosted at the . Residents interested in donating blood can consult the library's website calendar of events to see whwn the next drive is coming up.

Another major player in the Massapequa blood drive scene is , who holds several drives a year, either hosted in one of their buildings or in a New York Blood Center "Blood Mobile," a huge bus equipped with extensive donation equipment. Again, you can check out their website claendar of events if you're interested in finding out when the next blood drive is.

Massapequans are well-known for their chartible attitudes, or the New York Blood Center wouldn't frequent our area so regularly. So, the next time you you feel like giving back to the community, there isn't a better way to do it than to give a pint of life-giving blood so someone who needs it.

Check back next week to see what No. 82 is.


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